Listen to Digital Everything: Voted #1 by fans

So here it is:

Tune in to Journey To Saturn Now!

Hey there punk!

Let me take this opportunity to introduce you to an acoustic song called Journey To Saturn, which I created more than 3 years ago with my acoustic guitar.

It’s a mind travel to Planet Saturn. One of the healrtfelt songs I’ve ever created. I even cried after hearing it myself after producing it. This is my musical gift to you…


Listen to Naledi track now!

Hey there punks worldwide!

I know it’s been a while since I produced any song. Which is why I’m proud to introduce to you my latest remastered offering titled Naledi. Which is a  love song about a man who falls in love with a girl called Naledi. Whom he can’t stop thinking about night and day while making her all kinds of promises just to get her to say yes to her being his other half and beyond. Hidden joys of falling in love!

One of the heartfelt songs I’ve ever written to date. Do enjoy and don’t forget to let me know your thoughts as well. I’ll be eagerly waiting…

Fan Update:

I just finished writing lyrics for both of my latest offerings titled Montsheng (set him/ her free) and Mjipa Mashesha (speedy punk) respectively. Now I can’t wait to officially work on those. This year 2020 is gonna be lit for sure.
For now enjoy Naledi til further notice…

Yours in Music


N1M: Latest Plays and Views update

Fans’ Appreciation

It’s been hardly a month since joining N1M yet the love I’ve received there is overwhelming indeed. More and more fans who tuned to my music can’t stop leaving positive feedback.

15k plays and 20k profile views in such a short space of time? Wow! Based on the feedback I receive almost daily – I gotta that I’m truly confident about he quality of my music.

Yes – keep those shoutouts coming and I’ll keep creating good music…

Yours in Music


D_punkster on N1M

D_punkster Fan Update: #1 in South Africa/ #20 Worldwide in Pop Charts on Reverbnation

Reverbnation Star rising…

This one’s dedicated to all my punks worldwide! 🌎 🔥🌟👌😎

#D_punksterWorldwide 🌎

D_punkster on Reverbnation

Fan Exclusive Update: Styf vs Bra Chillies

Hello Punk!

Are you good? Great! Yeah I feel good alright. So good – I just uploaded my KwaiTech/ Techno track Styf (Radio Edit) for you to enjoy. Dedicating it to all the sexy strippers worldwide. Trust me – you gonna love this one. I promise.

Styf vs Bra Chillies

Did you get a chance to listen to Bra Chillies? If you haven’t please do because I need to decide on which track to submit to the radio stations nationwide between it and Styf (Radio Edit) before the 15th of January 2020. So I’ll be waiting for your feedback with ultimate anticipation.

Anyway thanks again for tuning in and keep the fire burning punk.

Yours in Music


Styf vs Bra Chillies: Listen and Vote

Bonus: Don’t forget to become my fan on Reverbnation and download Styf (Radio Edit) for free! 😉

Bra Chillies by D_punkster #1 on N1M Electronica CHARTS in South Africa

Hey punk!

Guess what? I did it again! This time it’s my latest KwaiTech single Bra Chillies turn to occupy the #1 spot in South Africa on N1M Electronica CHARTS. How cool is that?

What a perfect start in 2020 no doubt. And I’m just getting warmed up. Still have another Acoustic track titled Montsheng which I still need add lyrics on. And I can truly assure you this – it’s gonna be a banger!

So for now just tune in to my #1 track on N1M:

Bra Chillies on N1M