Askies (I’m Sorry) Single: Tune in…

Enjoy! 🎧

D_punkster – Askies (I’m Sorry) on Reverbnation


Ayifambeni (Le Mpitseng): Playlisted On Letlhabile FM

Le Mpitseng…

To all my punks WORLDWIDE… 🌎

My track Ayifambeni (Le Mpitseng) from my 2nd studio album King Of KwaiTech just got playlisted on Letlhabile FM. Such a wonderful feeling indeed.

When I first read my email I just couldn’t believe my eyes. The feeling was just too great to even describe. Now that’s what I bust my artistic ass for daily – Greatness!

This is just the beginning… 😌😎☝

#KingOfKwaiTech #D_punksterWorldwide🌎

Ayifambeni (Le Mpitseng) on SoundCloud

My Music Profile Star Rising…

As I rise to stardom…

Hey punks WORLDWIDE 🌎

What a productive year it has been for me and my music career! King of KwaiTech album out. Two new artists namely: Cee-rado & Deeply Contagious signed under my recording label Holamjipa Arts Business. High-quality tracks being released of late. And now my music profile seriously rising on my Reverbnation account? Wow! Of course I won’t rest until I’m officially No.1.

Now that’s what I call progression as an artist. And all of that I accomplished without ANY serious budget whasoever. Now imagine if I had a bigger budget… Exactly! My only regret so far is that I recently lost my number 1 spot locally not so long ago. Damn! Hehehe…

Either way I’m over the moon to see this progression – Thanks to Reverbnation. Honestly speaking: sometimes I just wish I had a bigger budget to be able to utilize their superior services to the full. But hey –

So far so good! 😌

My full Reverbnation Profile





King Of KwaiTech Album: Now Available!

Wow – what a year it has been for me. Very proud owner of my 2nd studio album release titled: King Of KwaiTech. Honestly speaking: I’m a VERY happy man right now.

Compromising of 10 banging tracks, which is KwaiTech (genre which I personally created) with a hint of Techno, Electro and Pop music respectively. Thee best!

Price? The CD is only directly available from me for only R40 and will soon be distributed to online stores.

Thanks for tuning in… πŸ˜‰πŸ˜Ž




Promo: Download and Play Ayifambeni Song Today!

Hey fellow punks WORLDWIDE!

Since I’m releasing my highly anticipated King Of KwaiTech album later this month – I decided to allow you to not only stream but also Download my hit single Ayifambeni (Le Mpitseng) single via my Reverbnation page…


Promo Exclusive: Go Download Ayifambeni on SoundCloud

Hey punks WORLDWIDE!

As a part of my promotion towards my upcoming 2nd studio album titled King Of KwaiTech next month I’ve decided to allow free download of my πŸ”₯ single Ayifambeni for the entire month. Let me know what you guys think…

D_punkster – Ayifambeni (Le Mpitseng)